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Hey everyone we just launched our SMALLKNOT.COM campaign to raise funding for cut & sew garments made in Brooklyn. 
The goals for GHSTS is to become a full fledged clothing company offering product in a variety of segments; tee shirts, cut & sew, outerwear, denim, accessories, etc. I want to take this small brand and grow it into something more through small steps, while keeping all production in Brooklyn and New York City.
Check it out!
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Well here we are almost two years it’s been since Peter Nguyen started ALWAYSNEVER, about a year since we took it over, today we’re calling it a day. 

The ALWAYSNEVER NEW YORK project is something we’re all proud to have taken part of and made happen, its been a amazing journey. ALWAYSNEVER carved out a little niche in this world we’re all proud to have worked hard to create and are thankful that you all responded how you did. Our shop was kept busy all the time, great customers with great feedback and taste. Our blog and main site’s traffic stayed high even when we weren’t able to produce new material for you guys for weeks at a time. You guys drove us to keep pushing, trying to create new content and have new product, for that we’re so thankful.

At the end of the day we were pulled too thin and couldn’t devote the proper attention to such an amazing project. We thank you all for all the follows, reads, purchases, emails, etc, thank you! 

ALWAYSNEVER’s blog will still be here with updates when possible, and our studio service with our inventory will be kept up and running for a bit longer for all you stylists out there. 

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Permalink | 1 note Our friends GHSTS are having a big sale on their e-com site, check it out!
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GHSTS Limited edition summer tee shirt “Banned In Rockaway”, there will only be 3 per size S-XL mens and womens. Shirts will be $55 and pre-orders will open shortly. The shirts are ivory not a pure white. Any questions feel free to message us!

Our friends at GHSTS created this new summer tee shirt, available for pre-order now, get one before they’re sold out!